PD11: Basic Computer Troubleshooting

This course offers educators a practical look at proper approaches and techniques used in troubleshooting classroom technology, including both Macintosh and Windows-based computers. Basic and advanced troubleshooting tips will be covered to assist the educator to become a more independent and competent computer user. From operating system configuration, hardware and software basics, to the installation of memory chips, this class will provide the educator with troubleshooting methodologies and procedures, knowledge about Internet resources for troubleshooting, and preventive maintenance and repair strategies.

Exploring Basic Computer Operating Systems, Hardware, and Software

Topic 1: Introduction: An Overview of the Topics
Topic 2: Hardware and Software
Topic 3: Operating Systems
Topic 4: Troubleshooting Methodology

Examining Troubleshooting and Preventive Maintenance Measures

Topic 5: Necessary Maintenance for a Happy Computer
Topic 6: Computer Maintenance Utilities
Topic 7: Computer Viruses

Exploring Resources for Troubleshooting and Repair

Topic 8: Internet Resources for Troubleshooting
Topic 9: First Line of Defense

Using Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques

Topic 10: Peripherals
Topic 11: Networks
Topic 12: Backups
Topic 13: Troubleshooting Report